The Shoto is one of the top 3 batteries in the world with over 40 years of research and development making it one of the most superior batteries ever developed. It is not a fancy battery with internet monitoring, although we will have Shoto enabled Bluetooth end March, but a highly safe, stable and long lasting LiFePO4 battery.

Compatible with all inverters provided the parameters can be set.
Shoto LFM batteries are made to be installed like a lead acid battery making it very simple to install.

We provide a 10-year exchange / 6000 cycle warranty @ 80%| 3000 cycles @ 100% - Meaning that if a customer has the battery for 15 years and is still within the cycle range but the battery fails we still honour the warranty.
Additionally, the technology of Shoto allows for heat temperatures to reach between 50 - 55 degrees and with internal cooling and BMS it is perfectly stable and balanced.

Shoto has been servicing the Telecommunications industry in 11 African countries for over 10 years. Now recently permission has been given from Shoto to allow there LiFePO4 batteries to be used for commercial and residential applications.

Operational capacity performance:

2.4kw = 2.8kw @ 1C
4.8kw = 5.2kw @ 1C
5.12kw = tbc